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There are many online opportunity that is 100% legitimate. I will try to address the majority over here.

Before I start discussing any of these jobs. I would like to remind everyone that online jobs regulation depend on the country of residence. In USA, you must be a citizen or having a valid work permission. Some jobs such as freelancer are international jobs you can work it from anywhere in the world. Well, you must be aware of the rule in your country before you apply.

Micro-Workers Freelancers jobs:

Probably this type of jobs is a good start for both creating clients and start getting used to online business. You can sell a service or a product for a fixed price. Posting your service is free and a commission will be deducted from your sale. You can sell any type of service or product as long as it is not illegal.

Here are top two websites:



Online Contractor jobs:

If you find yourself good at something go ahead and work in it, you do not have to be programmer or even in IT field. People are willing to pay for you if you can do the job (advertising, accounting, assistant, ... etc).

When you get hired to do a job, you have to remember you are competing internationally that mean some people as good as you are may do the same job for less. Don't let that bring you down. Some people will prefer to hire you even if you ask for more (sometimes because you are in the same country so it easy to contact you by phone or because you have enough good reviews that make you reliable).


(Once you do well, you can also make a team or join at team to work as a company online )

- (for programmers)



These websites are legitimate, still you need to be careful with your employer, some are new employer that has no reviews or bad ones. Don't get hired by them as you may not get paid.

Virtual Assistance/Customer Service Agent

There are agencies that hires online assistance. These agencies get contracts from big companies. When you work for one of these companies you may work for a very known company and all you need is to have small office for you at home that is prepared. The requirements may vary but most likely you will need place that is quite, computer that met their requirements, and a phone landline dedicated for the job.

These are the top trusted websites hiring agents online:


- Arise

- Alphine Access

- Accolade Support

- Survey takers:

Taking surveys is another way to make extra money. It is usually not as rewarding as other online jobs but it is good enough to get some cash.
Here are some survey websites:

- Mturk:

This website is owned by amazon. You can register for this website and once you finished you registration, you can get surveys. The payment varies from .01 cent up to more than $25 per survey.

You also can get more qualifications (by taking exams) on mturk website, the more qualifications you get, the more variety of surveys.

Once you finished a survey, it will be sent to the survey owner and he should approve it or reject it. If it is approved, you will get paid. Otherwise, you will be refused (legitimate surveys will approve you as long as you apply the instructions)

The time to get approved varies from 1 minuet to few days.


- Once you get approved on any survey, you can get your money (fastest survey payment).

- You have choice to either transfer money to your account or use it toward amazon credit.

-If you buy an item from amazon, you will be asked if you want to use your money in your murk account.


- Does not pay as good as other legitimate surveys.

- Some surveys ask you to do things like check links (these links are not reviewed by Amazon).

- Not all survey are legitimate (you need to decide yourself as Amazon catch only the scams report it by other users).

I have used murk and had over 15 survey (only one rejected because I misread the instructions). The rest were approved.

If you fan of amazon give it a shot :)

- Mystery Shopping

This job is fun. As Mystery Shopper, you get assigned to visit a store or restaurant. Buy or eat something (sometimes you do not have to). You will evaluate the store/restaurant based on the guideline provided to you by the company. You can choose the job you want based on location, store, employer. Once you commit to do the job. You have to do it with the time frame specified to it.

When you finish the job you will have to fill a report to the company (most likely you will have to do it within 1 day).

The cost of expenses you will pay are included in the job (if you will need to fill gas that will be included as part of expenses).

The payment various upon the company but you will get paid for every job assigned to you individually.

Here are links to some of mystery shopping companies: