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There are many ways to earn free gift cards. Here are the best ones as I see them:




Search & WinSwagbucks is one way to earn some free gift cards or a little cash back (#1 For amazon gift cards):

To be able to use this website, you need to register and then you can use the website to search (just like google) while you do that, you will earn some extra points, you participate in daily poll, shopping through Swagbucks, or fill a survery and earn. The website offer other activities to earn points that will turn into gift cards.

You will have chances to take offers from another website like register with them (I personally don't advice to do that because the website you will register for it is on your own risk and most of them have bad reviews). I also warn everybody not to try to hack the website with one of the hacking apps for swaybacks because they will end blocking you. If you short on points visit their blogs (you will get code that you can retrieve points with), you also can referral to friends to join you.

You can use Swagbucks website if you life in USA, Canada, or United Kingdom only. Once you accumulate enough point to get the gift you want you can choose online gift card or cash back in you PayPal account


- earning points might be slow in the beginning but once you are on track, you will do well.

-Search: you will not get points every time you click the search button, but you the more you search the more you will be rewarded.

-Surveys: Great way to get rewarded but you will not be able to participate until the end of first week as a member.

- Make sure you are logged in otherwise you will not get rewarded.

- Recycle your old electronics or games for points.

- shop and get rewarded.

- Invite Friends and you will get rewarded.

- Play and Participate and you will get rewarded.

- If Third part work for you, do it and get rewarded.

- Daily poll, will get you rewarded.

- get into competitions and get rewarded.

- There is more, check it your self.


Click Here to receive 30 extra bucks toward your first gift card.



Irazoo is a website similar to Swagbucks. You can search, fill survey, and use coupons and get points that will be turned into Gift Cards.
To get 50 point bonus Click Here

Zoom Bucks


Zoom Bucks is another website not much different than Swagbucks, except that there are more ways to earn points. Rules apply similar to Swagbucks.
Give it a try: Click Here to register is a social website just like Facebook or twitter. The website rewards the users by points system, you get points for posting, upload pics or videos, add friends, join group, .... etc.

After collecting enough points your can exchange them for gift cards.

Click here to join



Mypoints is one of the oldest online rewarding system (10 years old). MyPoints sends you e-mail ads for businesses and services, things such as office supply stores, insurance companies, food products, business cards and Internet sites.
When you click on "Get Points" or "Shop Now," a second window opens to display the Web page for that business or service. Usually that's all you have to do; at times the ad is a survey, but you might get a few points even if you don't fill these out. Users earn points for reading e-mails (generally five points each) or buying things from the site; points can be redeemed for cards from more than 75 companies.
Click Here to start collecting points. Good Luck